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Air evacuated out of Honduras

Aug 8, 2014-


Never have to be air evacuated out of Honduras, if you can help it! On July30th, the third day of our Western Caribbean cruise I started having serious episodes of shortness of breath. At about 8 PM I was wheeled chaired to the ships infirmity where my breathing became more and more difficult, observation indicated my lungs were full of liquid and the ships doctor did a great job of stabilizing me as I was in total heart failure.

The doctor arranged for medics to meet us at our next port of call, Mahogany. They arrived at about noon and I was put in an old ambulance, the size of a 1960’s station wagon, no AC driven by two military men with guns and Reggae music blasting. From there transferred to a very small jet that barley held all of us. The two hour flight to Fort Lauderdale was ok. I spend five days the hospital and was released to a nurse who accompanied us back to Indy. I am feeling a little better today and have seen three doctors since returning. All agree I do not have congestive heart failure, but had an episode of heart failure when I was on the ship. My meds and diet have been radically changed and my goal is to continue to lose weight, I dropped about 28 pounds during the three days in the hospital, and continue to improve. Not much of a vacation but an experience.


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