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I Got Troubles!

Okay, I know compared to the rest of the world and many readers my troubles don’t amount to a hill of beans. No I take that back, they don’t amount to a molecule of a bean, but still they are my troubles, well actually, mine and Suellen.

It started in the middle of September, 2014. Our dishwasher stopped working. I guess we got our money’s worth as it was about 10 years old. Suellen and I went to look for dishwasher, but a funny thing happened on the way to appliances being manufactured. Everything is now larger and stainless steel! We hate stainless steel; it gives our house the feeling of an institution! We hated it and would never have a stainless steel appliance and can’t wait until a few years from now when stainless steel is no longer in vogue!

So off we go shopping to an appliance store that shall remain nameless, except to say that what we purchased ended up not being a best buy! The appliance associate who helped us was very knowledgeable, very customer focused and spent some time checking to see if another store had the same dishwasher on sale for less, so he could match their prices. He explained that delivery and installation charges were not on sale this week but if they became on sale in the next two weeks, we could come back and get a credit for the installation charges. We picked out a dishwasher not just any dishwasher but one of the top-of-the-line dishwashers it was scheduled to be delivered the following week.

The delivery people arrived and the first thing they did was pull out our old dishwasher then the installer radioed back to the delivery truck and said don’t bring the dishwasher off the truck! It seems that our dishwasher was an open bottom model and the one we had purchased was a closed bottom model and because of our plumbing and wiring, a close bottom model dishwasher would not work for us and it would be a very expensive proposition to rewire and change the plumbing. The helpful delivery man gave us the names of two manufacturers who make open bottom dishwashers. They were Kitchen Aid and LG.

However, I need to back up a little, between the time that we ordered the dishwasher, and it was delivered; we discovered that our range self-cleaning feature did not work, effectively eliminating the use of the oven, so we decided we were going to purchase a new range.

After Suellen got off work, and armed with some printed research we had done about ranges and dishwashers, we went back to the appliance store, however, our friendly knowledgeable sales associate was off that night, actually I could say the sales associates at the store were off that night, which is to say we got a newbie and despite wanting to help us he simply didn’t think things through or think about all the consequences. You see the dishwasher that we refused was listed in their computer system as still in transit, so they couldn’t give us credit for the dishwasher, so we couldn’t order another one!

The next evening we returned to the store but were informed that the dishwasher was still not in inventory but in transit. We asked to speak to the manager on duty. That ended up being a 30-minute wait. Finally, the manager told the sales associate how to put in the order, so we ordered and LG dishwasher because it had an open bottom and had almost all the features of the first dishwasher, we had ordered. Then we picked out a range and ordered it. Both appliances were special orders and a delivery date was set for October 8.

A couple of days later, we received a call that told us the dishwasher was on backorder from the manufactured, and a delivery date could not be scheduled. On October 8, a different delivery company pulled up to deliver and install the range. The installer came in pulled our old range out picked up his radio and called the truck and said don’t unload the range. He told me that the range was a dual fuel and required a 230 volt outlet, and we only had a 110 vote outlet. So the range went back to the warehouse. We looked at the original material that we had printed off about the range, and it clearly stated it was 120 votes; however, when we looked it up on the web again it stated it was a 230 votes, so it appears that they stop manufacturing the 120 vote range and switched it to a 230 vote range.

I called an electrician who came over in a couple of days and gave us an estimate for running the 230 volt line I agreed and the job was scheduled for October 14, and I called the appliance store to ask for the range to be delivered October 15. There was still no word about the dishwasher.

Before 7 AM on October 14, I received a call that told me the electrician’s family had a medical emergency and we would need to reschedule the wiring. I rescheduled for the following week and immediately called the appliance store to reschedule the delivery of the range. However, there was some good news the dishwasher was now in transit to the local warehouse and a delivery date was set up for October 24.

The dishwasher installation went smoothly; the installers were very professional, and we thought we finally had the dishwasher. Later that evening after we had enough dishes to wash I turned it on and about five minutes into the cycle the dishwasher recorded an error. I called LG and they said the dishwasher was not draining, and I should get the installers back out to check and see if it was installed correctly.

The following Monday the installers came back and determined that there were multiple issues with the dishwasher; not much water was coming through the pipes and the dishwasher was not draining. They concluded that the dishwasher was defective.

So back out to the appliance store we went. The problem was no one in the store knew what an open bottom dishwasher was. An associate called the manufacturer, and they too didn’t know anything about an open bottom dishwasher. Neither did the manager! After a couple of hours in the store, we returned home and began doing some research on our own and discovered that KitchenAid had open bottom dishwashers. The next evening we called the appliance store and this time the first sales associate who was knowledgeable and helpful found a dishwasher that he recommended. After we looked it up on the Internet, we ask him to place the order, and he was able to credit back the LG dishwasher and order the KitchenAid. Delivery was set up for Thursday, October 30, the same date that a different delivery company was scheduled to deliver and install the range.

The day before the range was to be installed; I received an email which had the order number and details of the range with a projected delivery time of any time between five and 7:30 PM. I also received an automated phone call with the same information.

The dishwasher installation went well, and the installers double-check that everything was working before they left. Now we waited for the range. And we waited for the range. At 7 PM, we called about the delivery, and we were informed that they stop delivering at 7 PM, and they did not get to us. We were livid. We called the appliance store complaining that a delivery was set, and no one called us to tell us that the delivery would be delayed. We were informed that a delivery would be rescheduled, but no one was guaranteeing that it would be re-delivered the next day.

The next morning I called the 800 number for the appliance store five times before one of the technicians told me the range was in transit for delivery today. At 4 PM, no one had delivered the range or called about the delivery, so we called the 800 number again and was transferred to a store manager who after checking sad the range was not on the delivery truck it was actually in the store and had been returned to the store after it was “refused” by us on the first delivery attempt because of the wiring issue. The store manager offered us the range which she said had a dent in it at a decent discount, or they could order a new range and he would give us a little discount on the new range.

The next day we went to the store and examined the range, and the dent was in the back and barely noticeable, so we purchased that range, and hopefully it will be delivered this Friday, November 7. Stay tuned.

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