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Another day older and deeper…

Don at 16

Another day older and deeper… Merle Travis’s song ‘Sixteen Tons ‘ popularized by Ernie Ford’s 1955 release may be very applicable on this June 3, my birthday.

A birthday is like a fresh baked biscuit, right out of the oven they are delicious with butter and preserve, but after a few days they become stale, tasteless, and hard.

Birthdays are always reflective more so than New Year’s day, which is just another day.

My most Memorial birthday was my eighteenth. I was convinced I would not live to be eighteen so on the eve of my eighteenth birthday my friends and I threw a funeral party and got smashed. Well smashed is an understatement, I was beyond smashed. I woke up the next morning sleeping in my own vomit, how disgusting. I didn’t die, but I’m sure I wished I had.

Two years ago about an hour after my birthday at 1 AM I held our cat Tiger in my arms as he died of kidney disease. Tiger and Einstein, our other cat who died unexpectedly in February of that year, were our first pets since we were both children. I will always have a fond memories of both of them. Our two new cats Annabelle and Theodore will both be two years old this June, they are both delightful pets and we are fortunate to have them in our house.

Entering the checkout generation has a liberating effect on me. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do understand that I am nearer the end of this journey than I was yesterday. But today I am another day older and deeper in debt. Happy Birthday to me.

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